Apartments: Some clever needs

Though we set our apartment with beautiful things and smart technology but adding some unorthodox things can make it worth living and more comfortable. There are many things that we forget using in our apartments but still use them in day to day life. If somehow we can manage to set everything right, according to our needs and tight schedule then a completely new saga of things can be created or built up.

The unhampered collapsible Laundry Basket can be folded up into shred of nothing which can be easily placed or put up anywhere in the apartment. They occupy very less space and serve a great purpose. All the toilet roll papers should roll out of market if toilet paper and magazine holder stand can be put in one. Vine is something that keeps us warm during winters and adds a vintage look to the drawing room. It can be put up vertically and if you are sacrificing your small space for something, it won’t be vine. Kitchen is always filled with things, things that we require daily. Slide in spice rack serves many purposes such as easiness to the housewife or space saving. An under cabinet knife drawer should come standard with every kitchen. Corner dish rack helps in drying water from the washed utensils and keeping them free from dust. It also makes the work of washing utensils easy.

These days folding beds are in trend and they easily saves a lot of space making way for other decorating articles to cover their space. They can be easily converted into full time sofas when not required. Cord balls are something that will eat up to five feet of cable keeping media centers and office spaces free of clutter. A slide out pantry proves to be boom for the kitchen thus adding a touch of intelligence to your kitchen. Cabinets can be used for waste buckets by hanging them on the cabinet walls. This will look more authentic from the usual dustbins. A ceiling hung garment rack looks cool, it hangs the clothes in the air literally. So, remember that even if there is no sunlight outside, you can hang them inside. In the bathroom, a shower curtain with pockets can save up the space being used by corners which is also easily accessible while bathing.  Like you see in movies, a hidden jewelry holder can be put behind a big painting making it difficult for the thief to find out.

A hook on the balcony fencing can be used to put up your computer even, so just tell your boss that you will be working from your home now.  Magnetic stickers can be used to hold utensils with them. This will look different apart from those boring utensil stands. The Mirror ironing board can be used to iron the clothes without utilizing much space. All these crazy ideas can be seen in very big tampa apartments.